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These are some of my mothers that lived on the west side of 59th St.


Sidley Austin

  • Though the Sidley law firm is not responsible for the release of the money, it will be given an opportunity to release the money.


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October 22, 2018

Billions Sent Home


Real Commentary
October 22, 2018

South American Caravan: U.S. Bound

  • The South American caravan heading to the southern border of the United States continues to disobey law enforcement.
  • The caravan is not America’s issue at this time because they have not violated American law by crossing the U.S.-Mexican border and entered America.
  • However, in the event the caravan continues to push pass government authority in South America, the American President has stated he will cut off aid to South American countries, but it is highly unlikely that this option will slow or stop the caravan.
  • This caravan has employed children in their movement, so the minutemen and minutewomen of America should impede the progress of the caravan if the caravan crosses the U.S.-Mexican border and enters America.




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October 22, 2018

South American Caravan: Newt Gingrich Speaks






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October 20, 2018

Sidley and the Money: The Release

  • The release of the money is not the responsibility of the Sidley law firm. 
  • The money now resides at Sidley because of the blatant conspiracy to steal the more than $60 quintillion from me and America.
  • As this situation relates to the “Promised Land”, the money has already been approved for release by me; I have many family, friends and others to release the money: Bernice King (her brothers and the SCLC), Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Shelly Ashley (wife), Alexandria Ashley, Barnett Levin, Lenora Clayborne, R. and K. Wesley, Mark McNeal, the First Lady, Mary Jordan, Terri U. and others.
  • In this situation, America is not sweating; they are sweating.


Breaking News
October 11, 2018

Gary, Indiana: Black America and The “Promised Land”

  • Five family members in Chicago have already received $10 billion each as approved by me in 2017.
  • The new release day for the money to put Black America in the “Promised Land” is on or before Tuesday, October 16, 2018.
  • If the money is released as requested, congratulations to more than 40 million Black Americans.  If the money has not been released as requested, the money will return to Sidley Chicago on Wednesday, October 17, 2018.
  • I have been nice, and I have been very patient; I have plenty of family members, friends and others to release the money.











Real Commentary
October 15, 2018

Senator Collins and The Supremacy Clause


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October 15, 2018

Maine Faces Economic Backlash


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August 3, 2018

Facebook Check: Direct

  • The attorneys at Facebook can handle the sale of the social media company.
  • A check in the amount of $512 billion will be mailed directly to the chief executive officer of Facebook for the purchase of the popular social media company headquartered in Menlo Park, California.



$70 Billion; $160 Billion; $23 Billion; $18 Billion;
One Trillion Dollars; $60 Quintillion






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August 5, 2018

The NDI Program

  • The NDI Program has a retroactive date.
  • The NDI Program or National Diplomatic Immunity Program is a federal program that gives temporary and permanent national diplomatic immunity to certain federal positions in the District of Columbia.
  • The retroactive date for the NDI Program has been set at July 5, 1865.  This date is the founding date of the United States Secret Service.  The retroactive date can retroactively clear federal employees and their spouses in qualified positions.

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September 23, 2018

Bent Space II: A,B and C

  • If you look at a full moon you know that it gets its light from the sun.  This observation represents the b in the equation of the a, b and c equation formation; your observation position in the equation represents a, and the sun’s position in the equation represents c.
  • In the a, b and c equation formation, the light of the moon (b) is seen, and the actual light source, the sun (c), is not seen at night, but you know that the light source exist because the moon gets its light from the sun (c).
  • And when we look directly at that which sits at the center of our solar system, we are still looking at the a, b and c equation formation because this is an illusion of the sun and not the actual sun itself.
  • But when we view the sun directly, only then are we viewing the a and c equation formation of the viewing event because the b (middle point) in the equation formation (bent space), though exist, is some how hidden.  It’s hidden because you cannot arrive at point c without going through point b from point a in the equation formation.  So when  you view the actual sun directly, you are viewing an a to c viewing event.
  • An astronaut wears a suit when he or she walks in outer space.  They wear this space suit to keep them warm from the freezing temperature of outer space.  So if the heat from the sun isn’t keeping the space walking astronauts warm when the sun light hits them like the sun light hits the moon at night, then there is no heat, or very little heat because of light traveling from the sun to the earth.  The heat source that keeps the earth warm in this situation sits somewhere between the earth and the space shuttle, a heat source that is much closer to the earth than the sun, which is 93 million miles from earth.

Breaking News
September 21 ,2018

Light and Bent Space Theory: March Equinox

  • March Equinox: Apparent movement of the sun.
  • When you look at the sun you see what looks like a perfectly round ball.  This is what most of know.  But the equinox event says that when we look at the sun, we are experiencing some type of bent space event.
  • Your parents and everyone else has gone to bed.  Your mother calls down stairs to you to see if the light in the dining room has been turned off.  You look left and down the dark hallway from your bedroom and observe that the dining room light has not been turned off.  The light you are seeing is not the actual light source, but light from the main source of light that remains turned on in the dining room.  This light lets you know that the dining room light has not been turned off.
  • So you walk down the hallway from your bedroom, and at the end of the hallway you make a right turn towards the dining room and there you see the actual light source that has not been turned off.  The ninety degree right turn you took towards the dining room tells you that the light you observed from your bedroom as you looked down the dark hallway is a product of bent space because the actual light source producing the light you observed resides around the corner.
  • If you sent a probe in a straight line in the direction of the bent space light, the probe would pass through that bent space light.  And because there is light, there would be an increase in temperature at the location because light produces heat.

Breaking News
September 20, 2018

NASA: The Parker Solar Probe

  • The Parker probe is slated to increase and revolutionize our understanding of the sun.
  • NASA dispatched the Parker probe on August 12, 2018 to the sun to increase our understanding of the sun to say the least.  The probe is expected to come within 3.85 million miles of the sun, the closet any man made object has traveled to the sun.
  • According to research here at GTBN, the sun exist as the center of all of the planets in the solar system; meaning, all of the planets in the solar system share the sun as their core.  This is fact, so the sun exist in nine places or dimensions at the same time.
  • So is the sun an illusion or property of bent space?  Is it physically 93 millions miles from earth?  Based on research here at GTBN, the sun is closer to the earth than the stated 93 million miles because the distance from the surface of the earth to the core (sun) of the earth is far less than 93 million miles; the distance from the surface to the core does not register one million miles in distance.  This is fact.
  • But if the sun is an illusion, what should we expect?  Should we expect the Parker probe to pass through the sun and not burn up?  And if the sun is an illusion, then we are really dealing with bent space or a reflection of some kind of inside-out-outside-in reality.
  • But what we know about the earth is that the space shuttles require a heat shield to re-enter earth; without the heat shield, the space shuttles will burn up on re-entry.  This fact states that the earth is the sun; meaning, we live inside the sun, and that the heat that the earth receives is generated from a source closer to the earth and not from what sits 93 million miles away at the center of our solar system.
  • However, what we at the center of the solar system can generate eat.  This is fact if you ever felt the heat from the reflection of the sun pinging off a mirror-type window. update
  • This probe is very exciting in its mission.  It will answer a lot of questions about the sun: where the earth gets it light (we know the answer) and where the sun really gets its heat.  (Remember space is a very cold place, and some how light rays caring heat manage to travel through this very cold space to earth, and all of the planets experience different temperature ranges do their distance from the sun.)
  • The Parker Probe is on a seven year mission to the sun.  From August 2018, we have six years to wait for its results.


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