Terence Alonzo



Gaye Raymond / Jesus Christ


Juanita Vanoy

She is St. Catherine

She was married to Michael Jordan;
they have three children

She owns Victoria Secret

She created Victoria Secrets

Her business was stolen

She started it in Sacramento

Roy Larson moved it to Chicago

Jasmine Jordan is Mrs. Santa Clause

Move the American capital to
St. Louis, Missouri; a monster tsunami is coming
October twenty-ninth, twenty-twenty; it will arrive in
the morning; the capital will be destroyed; and the world
will end as you know it today

Mosasaurs are coming

Philippines / Tiawan shores the
same day


Roy Larson Raymond

Roy Larson


He stole Juanita’s store


Juanita Vanoy / Jesus Christ


Victoria Secrets

She created Victoria Secrets

St. Catherine


Andrew Jackson / Terence Ashley


Terence Ashley
Anthony Wayne

His father is Jesse Jackson
Julius Caesar

Jasmine Mickael Jordan
Rachel Jackson

Mrs. Santa Clause

Her mother is Juanita Vanoy
St. Catherine

Her father is Michael Jordan


Jasmine Jordan / Terence Ashley


Rachel Jackson

Andrew Jackson


Rocky Balboa / Jesus Christ


Terence Ashley (Thomas Anderson)

Adrienne Balboa (Trinity/Althea)


Jasmine Jordan / Terence Ashley


Trinity / Althea

Adrienne Balboa

Thomas A. Anderson




Cosmos Club

John Powell


John Hanson

John Roberts

Clarence Thomas

Oliver Winchester

Owns the Comos Club




American Brass Company

John Roberts and Michael Jordan

Anson Phelps (John Roberts)

John Hungerford (Michael Jordan)


Jasmine Jordan

Bernedict and Burnham




Hans Wilsdorf / Jesus Christ


John Roberts


John Hanson

John Adams

Clarence Thomas


Thomas Jefferson

Oliver Winchester

Jasmine married Terence

Mind meld

Terence senses
Jasmine through Michael;
Terence uses Michael’s pictures at
his website for this reason

Alfred Davis
is a false owner of Rolex




Joseph Wilson (John Roberts)
Chester Carlson (Clarence Thomas)


Jasmine Jordan / Terence Ashley


They mind meld

Terence senses Jasmine through Michael;
this is why Terence uses Michael’s pictures
at his website

Thier passion is stated below

Small Town

Jack and Diane

Hurt So Good

Bonnie and Clyde

Sampson and Delilah

Purple Rain

Mercedes and the Count

Sarah Smile

Fire and Desire




Jasmine Jordan / Terence Ashley


Jesus Christ


The Three Sisters


John, Clarence and Terence

All three sisters (brothers)
were crucified at the same time;
Thier mother Mary was helpless

Nailed to the cross

They were innocent

They did not commit any crime



Jasmine Jordan / Terence Ashley



Rosie the Riveter

We Can Do It

American Cultural Icon







James Means is James Dean

James Dean



Shadonna Johnson

What’s the surprise Shadonna?

North Carolina




United Human Existence Command
Friday, January 17, 2020

Personal Desktop or Laptop Computer to Server

  • Turn your desktop personal computer into a server.
  • Internet demand will greatly increase after Thursday, October 2020.
  • In the event you need access to a computer server, your personal computer can serve as a server; you can still surf the internet and host your own websites – and other websites too.


Microsoft Personal Web Server

Microsoft Server Information

Microsoft Azure

Azure wiki 



Monopoly Laws / Jesus Christ


Jasmine Jordan





Mrs. Santa Claus

Syracuse University

Carmelo Anthony
is Terence’s son

Lebron James
is Terence’s little brother



Monopoly Laws / Jesus Christ


Monopolies don’t come easy

Monopolies are hard earned corporations

Monopoly laws are alien and Martian
control tools to steal

Monopoly laws are alien and Martian
means and methods to steal money,
talent and parts of corporations

When aliens and Martians want in on a
corporation, they solicit Congress to steal
parts of the corporation

Aliens and Martians used
John Roberts, Clarence Thomas and Terence Ashley
to move society / the human race ahead, and then
stole their companies and spread them across
space and time

These three men are super rich/

These three men should respectfully
pierce the corporate veils to seize their


Standard Oil

There are active/busy planets everywhere
across space and time

Recess Congress
and clear the White House

The police are Cylons;
they betrayed the human race







Hewlett Packard

William Redington Hewlett



William Gates

He is married to Malinda Gates

Malinda Gates is
Martha Washington

David Packard / Terence Ashley


Vivian Ashley is his sister

Stacey and Tracey Ashley are his sisters;
they are triplets

Debra Ashley is his sister

Sharakita Shields

Sissy Spacek

They all celebrated at the actual
Independence Day Parade

David Bailey is Babe Ruth



Corporate Veil / Terence Ashley



Harley Davidson

William Harley (Terence Ashley)

Arthur Davidson (Clarence Thomas)




Carl Eric Wickman / Thomas Jefferson


U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts
President John Hanson

U.S. Justice Clarence Thomas
President Thomas Jefferson

These two men own

Aliens and Martians removed the
John Roberts name

Roberts and Thomas also
co-own Smith and Wesson and



Starfleet Command
United Federation of Planets

Battlestar Galactica

United Human Existence Command

Thursday, October 29, 2020

The World Will Change Forever

Friday, January 3, 2020

This is the official day to start moving people off
of islands and onto mainlands around the world.

If you are selected to work for UHEC,
you will need one of the two debit cards below.

Brinks Debit Card

Rush Debit Card



Sidley Austin

Terence A. Ashley, Attorney

Honorary Managing Partner
Honorary Executive Director
Honorary Chairperson




Fred Goldman

San Francisco






v            v

v            v

V            V




Purchase Interests





Michael Schmidtberger


His sister is Sharon

His brother is Martin


Malinda Gates

William Gates


Michael founded

Harmon Dobson / Jesus Christ


Co-started Whataburger

Michael J. Schmidtberger

His sister is Malinda Gates

She is Martha Washington

His brother in law is George Washington

His brother-in-law co-started Microsoft



Paul Burton / Jesus christ


U.S. Chief Justice
John Roberts

John Hanson

John Calvin

Quintus Horatius Flaccus

Co-started Whataburger

He started Porsche



The Release of the Money

  • Aliens and Martians are conspiring to steal the mega sum of money.
  • The release of money has been established by the U.S. Constitution and rulings handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court; more specifically, the Fourth Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, and the Supremacy Clause.
  • Furthermore, five family members have already received $10 billion each upon my approval in 2017.
  • The research information about who we are, what happened and where we are going as a species is simply that.  This information is not required for the release of the money.


Business Reacquaintance

  • Terence Ashley will select someone to reacquaint others and himself with their former businesses with the intention of these individuals playing a role in their newly found businesses from the past.
  • Said individuals are family members of the American monarch, a monarch that has been labeled a cornerstone nation by others civilizations across infinite space and time.



Galactic Energy



Wayne State University

  • I have other universities.
  • I will divide the ownership of Wayne State University between Director Pamela Reeves of John Dingell Medical Center, President M. Roy Wilson of Wayne State University, Registered Nurse Deborah Mitchell of John Dingell Medical Center and the State of Michigan.
  • The State of Michigan will own twenty percent (20%) of Wayne State Univerity.
  • A letter will be forwarded to President Wilson.


Terence Ashley

General of the Armies: Can Return to Active Service


Red Zorro sm
RedZorro.com sm
We’ll hit the market for you. sm


U.S. Congress

Recess Method: Protect the Innocent

  • We only know that aliens and Martians have infiltrated Congress.
  • Because of this infiltration and because we don’t know them, Congress should be placed on recess until further notice.
  • Employ the Recess Method to protect the innocent in Congress.
  • The Recess of Congress is a sterile technique that removes the aliens and Martians from Congress by recessing everyone in Congress.



Federal Sheriff Department (FSD)

  • The Supreme Court of Illinois awarded Abraham Lincoln his law license.
  • With this license, Abraham Lincoln further positioned America to become a cornerstone nation across infinite space and time.
  • Terence Ashley will request through the United States Supreme Court to award him a sheriff’s badge (license) to further assist with upholding the laws on the mainland of America and its other jurisdictions.
  • There will only be one full-time sheriff in America with the authority to temporarily deputize others to assist with upholding American law.



Legacy Systems

Operating Systems / Personal Web Servers / FrontPage Extensions

Keeps old and new software and hardware compatible
with each other in the past and the future.


The Money

Everyone.net ($70 Billion)

Advertising.com ($18 Billion)

Sequoia Capital ($160 Billion)

Clickbooth.com ( $23 Billion)

WordPress (One Trillion (plus)


Stolen Mail

$10 Million Check

Expense Account Credit Card

No Search Warrant

Defamation of Character

Stalking a former
United States President

Implanted a listening and tracking
device inside of him



Galactic Energy

  • A defining cornerstone amongst cornerstones.
  • Galactic Energy will own and make available to the public the non-exclusive license for its future energy.


Red Zorro sm
RedZorro.com sm
We’ll hit the mark for you. sm


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  • Exercises: 8

Bookkeeping (QuickBooks)

A+ Computer Repair

Computer Networking

Website Design/Computer Programming


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