HTML Forms

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HTML Forms

A very strong understanding of a database software program is required.

Forms extract information from databases.  For example, information extraction from a database occurs when a web surfer types information into a search engine and then hits the enter button.  The database is then searched, and the search results are then printed on the screen.  The search engine results are extracted from a table inside of the database software.

Forms also store information into a database.  For example, when a form at a website is completed and then submitted, the information from the form is sent to a database on a server and then stored in a table inside of the database software program connected to a server.  In these situations, there is more than a good chance that the owner(s) of this information will not have a strong understanding of how forms connect to a database.  If this is ever the case, the owners of the information will depend heavily on the website designer and programmer to organize, manage and output the information in the database for them.

Databases and spreadsheet programs interact with each other.  These programs sends information to each other to be manipulated, organized, stored, displayed and printed.  Because these programs interact with each other, the website designer and programmer will need a very strong understanding of a spreadsheet software program too.

Below are some of the most popular database and spreadsheet programs.  The database programs below are all relational database programs, which means the databases can send information to each other.

Popular Databases

  • MySQL (most used)
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Access (Microsoft)
  • Paradox (Corel)
  • Base (

Popular Spreadsheets

  • Excel (Microsoft)
  • Quattro (
  • Calc (
  • Google Sheets
  • Numbers (Apple)

When studying these programs, spend a great deal of time doing so, because forms, databases and spreadsheets are major center pieces of the internet and directly responsible for the transmitting of information to and from the internet via their connectivity.

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