HTML Tag Nesting

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HTML: Tag Nesting (super major)

HTML tag nesting is very important.

HTML tag nesting is the proper placement of other HTML tags working with other HTML tags in the same line of code.  For example, take a look at the three nested examples below.  In all of these examples, the first tag is the last tag, and the second tag is the second to the last tag in the nesting process, and so forth and so on.  This is the order in which tags work with each other.  The tag nesting examples below are stated correctly.

HTML and Body Tags

  • <html>


Paragraph, Bold and Underline tags

  • <p> <b> <u>    </u> </b> </p>

Table Tags

  • <table> <tr> <td>    </td> </tr> </table>

If the nesting order is not strictly followed, the webpages or the content of the webpages will not appear correctly in the web browser.

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