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The four subjects below represent the core platform of study here at  Upon the completion of the platform, the student will have greatly increased their knowledge in these four areas.

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A+ Computer Repair
Computer Networking
Website Design and Programming

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The Core of Programming

  • If you’ve ever wondered if computer programming has a core, worry no more.
  • There are three cornerstones to computer programming. These three cornerstones are: forms, spreadsheets and databases. They sit at the core of computer programming.
  • Learn how to build forms to collect data, learn how to send this data to a database, and then learn how to extract this data from a database and display the data onto a webpage and into a spreadsheet.
  • Once you’ve learned how to connect the dots with these three cornerstones of computer programming, you are well on your on your way into the world of computer programming.

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Learning Data: It’s A Commodity

  • Learning data is information for those who require the data for spreadsheet and database program input, so that they can increase their knowledge of these spreadsheet and database programs.  Without the learning data, what good is the spreadsheet or database program?

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Darwin’s Theory of Evolution: Finch Economics

  • The belief behind Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is that if a finch cannot crack the nutshell to achieve the yield inside of the nutshell, the finch will not survive.  But the finch that can crack the nutshell will achieve the yield inside of the nutshell, and, therefore, will survive.
  • Sixteen quintillion dollars, along with massive economies, will command their place in world economics, and will not experience any difficulty cracking the shell of their choice to achieve the yield(s) inside, but ultimately it is the consumer that determines which finch cracks open the shell and achieves the yield(s) inside of the nutshell.
  • There is a massive shortage of computer programmers (software engineers) around the world.  As economies continue to grow and expand, the need for these computer programmers will continue to grow and expand too.  If an economy cannot meet the demand for these prized technicians, the economy will falter.
  • Americans did not delve heavily into the programming side of the dotcom boom in the early 90s.  This is where the Microsoft product shines like gold in the future of the American economy.
  • The Microsoft product permits anyone with little or no programming experience to involve themselves in the high-tech industry; in doing so, the Microsoft product allows those who would not be able to compete in the industry to do so with very little or no programming experience.
  • Again, the demand for computer programmers in the very near future will be fierce, so companies should build their companies and programming teams around a Integrated Development Environment software program, and the programming team should be cross-trained in raw programming languages as well as the drop-and-drag software programs.  The latter technology should be the priority.  It’s up and running time is superior when compared to the learning curve of the raw programming languages.  One such integrated development environment software program is offered by Microsoft, and another by Adobe
  • Computers and their programming languages are forever fixed parts of the future, like spoken and written languages are forever fixed parts of the future.

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Protocol: Style Sheet Backup

Protocol Creator: Terence Alonzo

Trademark Creator: Terence Alonzo 

  • In the event a corruption occurs in a style sheet, style sheet backup protocol is a safety measure that ensures the continued display of a website design as intended by the website designer.
  • To ensure intended website design display, the website designer places an internal style sheet and a external style sheet containing the exact same rule sets that govern the look and feel of a single web page or a group of webpages between the head tags of a single webpage or a webpage that contains the division tags that govern a group of web pages.

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January 2, 2018

A Powerful Business Model

  • You can build an entire company with Active Server Pages.
  • A well known American business and others were built from the ground up using Active Server Pages: Shopping Cart, Credit Card System, Product Data Base, Security System and more.
  • If you were the website designer and programmer for these companies, you could reuse the basic code for these companies as a template (reusable stencil), customize them, and build other websites that require some or all of the stated systems above.
  • The time requirement to build a company needing some or all of these systems would amount to a number of days instead of a month or two because the code already exist as a copy and paste (template) into the webpage.
  • Though Microsoft has moved on from Active Server pages (ASP) to ASP.Net, the ecommerce content from this book built the well known American online store and others from the ground up.  This book was published in 2000.  It’s now 2019.
  • I used Microsoft Frontpage to earn $70 billion.  ASP and ASP.Net are more powerful than Frontpage.
  • Get a website and a team, start a business, and start building small, medium and large online companies from the ground up using your prebuilt templates with the stated systems above.
  • Payment Model: You can accept all cash, all stock or a combination of cash and stock for building businesses that require some or all of these systems.

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Domain Name and Web Hosting Account

  • You’ll need a domain name and a web hosting account if you want to become a startup website designer and programmer.
  • Most of the best domain names have been bought starting way back in the 90s, so to get a domain name these days, you’ll need to get a super creative.  Use the first three letters of your first name, the first three letters of your middle name, and the last three letters of your last name to get a domain name related to you.
  • For example, if Michelle Obama wanted a domain name that’s related to her, she could use the first three letters of her first name (mic), the first three letters of her maiden name (rob), and the last three letters of her married name (oba).  This nine letter domain name spells: microboba.
  • Use this format to create your domain name, or reverse the example and use the last three letters of your first, middle and last names to create a domain name that’s related to you.  Once you have done this, check to see if the domain name is available through a domain name registrar.
  • Let’s see if Michelle Obama’s domain name,, is available.
  • Let’s see if my domain name,, is available.
  • Next, you’re going to need a web hosting account.  This link is a Microsoft hosting platform at  The offered resources can grow as your website grows, but for now, you can use this web hosting account to upload your websites and webpages for testing upon the purchase of the account, or use the web hosting account for a blog or a business.
  • If you are hesitant about using your credit card online, you can use a debit card to purchase your domain name and web hosting account.  Just deposit the amount of the purchase you need to spend for your domain name and web hosting account online onto your debit card, and then make your purchases.
  • The application process for a free debit card is fast and simple.

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HTML Examples: Text Editor

  • A text editor comes with your computer.
  • To see the code examples, copy the code into the text editor, save the file to your desk top, launch your browser, click the open button and look for the file you just created, then open the file and it will appear in your bowser.
  • If you had the programming skill set, you could design an entire Fortune 500 website with just a text-editor.

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RedZorro Will Expand Its Core Format

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The Future: Permanent Cornerstones

  • There are many cornerstones that resides in the future.
  • But four of these permanent cornerstones in the future are: Reading, Writing, Website Design and Computer Programming.
  • Computers are in use any many places across the universe, so companies should build their programming teams around the leading website design and software design programs:
  • Microsoft Visual Studio (wiki); Visual Studio Community (Free)
  • Adobe Dreamweaver (wiki). Dreamweaver (30 Day Free Trial)

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Startup Programmers: Where To Start

  • The starting point for startup programmers can be confusing.
  • Based on the basic foundation of a webpage, the startup programmer should focus on the following programming languages: HTML (1-5), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), Javascript, CGI (Common Gateway Interface), PHP (sever-side scripting language and a general purpose programming language), Active Server Pages (Microsoft has now moved forward to ASP.NET).
  • Once the startup programmer has developed their very basic programming skills, only then should the startup programmer move forward to other and more powerful programming languages.
  • Start with HTML and learn the very basic format of an HTML pages.
  • A startup programmer must know the basic HTML tags and how these tags work in the event the beginner programmer is required to upload a webpage or website without a website design software program.
  • So, when starting to learn html, most definitely read an html book (super major) and learn to use a website design software program (with study manual) at the same time.

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Programmers’ Ball

  • Don’t get left behind.
  • Develop your programming skills to the max.
  • You can start with a website design software program, and once you’ve created your first web page with texts, links, images and forms, you can then view the code behind the page and then print it to see the correct form of coding for said web page properties.  But don’t just view it, study it line by line.
  • Provide a minimum of two hours per day for the development of your programming skills.
  • But I’ll be honest with you.  Website designing and programming is a lot fun, and it will voluntarily consume a great deal of your time once you get started; it is so much fun, it can take personal time away from your girl.
  • I am revisiting my html and website design software program skills.
  • The most popular website design software programs are: Visual Studios and Dreamweaver.

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Revenue Generation: Less Than Ten Months

  • The sole proprietor English teaching website has generated more than $30 billion in advertising revenue in less than 10 months with 14 articles and 8 exercises in English.
  • This amount of revenue generation strongly states that there is an overwhelmingly strong interest from around the world to learn how to read and write English.

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